Our state-of-the-art dialers and servers will broadcast your political messages to targeted groups or to millions of households. Pre-recorded messages focusing on political issues can be played notifying party members of upcoming political events or fundraisers.


Get Out the Vote Calls – Whether you need a last minute outreach or are planning in advance, we can work with you. Our robust system can send 200,000 calls per hour. We can handle any size order.

Candidate Messages – Reach your base with fundraising invitations; alert them to upcoming events, rallies and announcements.

Surveys – Get valuable feedback from voters on important issues. Use it to focus your campaign to those issues that most affect voters.


Voice Detection – Play different messages depending on whether a live person or an answering device responds.

Customized Surveys – Simple to complex scripts can be developed for political polls by phone using our touch-phone response technology.

Call Transfer – Calls can be routed to political action groups, fundraiser phone banks or outside third parties.

Customer Service – We can assist with list management and provide professional voice recordings.

  • 2008 McCain/Palin
  • 2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 2004 John Thune
  • 2004 Bush/Cheney
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Americans For Tax Reform
  • USO
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