Increase productivity by automating outage/restoration notifications, collection calls and disconnect notices. With automated surveys, you can discover how you are doing from the perspective of your most valuable asset: your customers.


Surveys – Obtain customer feedback, with service follow up calls. Survey unlimited questions with easy to read reports.

Customer Welcome Calls – SmartVoice makes it easy to personally thank every customer for their patronage.


Easy to Set Up Recordings – Follow our sample script to record your messages via a toll free number. It works much like recording a voice mail message. Once your message is recorded, we can reuse it until you wish to change it.

Call Lists – We support all major file types. Simply export your list from your software program and email it to We do the rest. Turnaround time is immediate.

Call Transmission – Calls are tried three times if busy. With SmartVoice’s ability to process huge call volume, any size order will be completed shortly.

Reports – Detail reports are sent via email as a CSV file when the calls have been completed. CSV files are easily opened in Excel. Reports include phone number, contact or customer name, date and time, and status of the call.

Removal Lists – SmartVoice can store in the system your unique do-not-call list.

Call Sample
New Service Welcome      New Service Welcome Wav File