1. Call our toll free number to record your message.
  2. Email your list to order@smartvoice.com.
  3. After calls finish, we email a report to you.

Recording Options – You can record remotely via toll free number, record a .wav file and email it to us, or provide a script and we will professionally record it.

List Upload Options – Email any list type to order@smartvoice.com.

Types of Calls - Surveys, alerts, direct mail follow up calls, and warranty registration reminders.

Reports – CSV file detail reports sent via email upon completion of calls.

We Can Store Your Do Not Call List – You can add to removal list via web, call a toll free number, or your message may include a removal menu.

Call Customization Options – Spanish language option, transfer-to-live operator, answering machine detection can play a different message than live answer.

Pricing – Volume discounts available. For a quote, contact us at 800-473-6208 or use the Request A Quote form below.

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